Branding technologies

Screen printing

We can screen print on textiles, plastics or paper products. Starting from a size of a few centimeters to 500 centimeters prints are possible. We do a color separation of the given design, then create films and screens for each color. Than we print the this screen with the help of MHM automatic screen printing machines. We can go up to 10 colors, and the result are pristine prints, thanks to the automatic process and perfect registration. After printing we use hot air dryers to fix the ink on the materials surface, to get  long lasting, vivid colors.

Transfer printing

Transfer printing is very similar to screen printing, it also can be used on same materials, but it can be fitted on more “tricky” surfaces too. We do a color separation of the given design, then create films and screens for each color. Than we print the design onto a special the transfer paper with the last sheet of a special glue. With these paper transfers ready we place it on the product, and with the help of hi tech heat press machines, we fix the design on the product itself. This can result a cleaner, more fine detailed print than direct screen printing.

Machine embroidery

Embroidery is mainly for textile garments. First step is that we create a custom embroidery program for your design, with this program the embroidery machine will stitch the design on the the textil one color after the other one. Embroidery is a great rustic effect, although not as detailed as printing in small sizes. We use state of the art Tajima machines for our embroideries, to get the best result. Price of the embroidery highly depends on the size and stitch-count of the given design.

Ceramics printing

We can print your logo on mugs, ceramics and glasses. This process is very similar to the transfer printing, also made with help of films and screens for each color. This time we use special ceramic or glass inks, we can do direct colors or even CMYK decals. The printed transfer logos than placed on the mugs in position, than we put these into special heat ovens, fix the print with the desired logo. This process will result clean prints with vivid and long lasting colors.

Pad printing

Can be used on plastic, metal, wood or paper products. Pad printing is ideal for small size, high resolution, direct color logo printing. Big advantage of this technique that it can be used for printing on curved surface also. The preparation process is similar to other techniques, we do a color separation of the desired print, create films fo each color, prepare tooling. This tolling will have tiny gaps where the logo is, and with the help of soft rubber print head it will pad printed on the surface of the product.


There are two types of engraving, laser and rotary. Laser engraving is a very fast and accurate process, it burns the surface of the material, leaving the logo on the product. It is very discreet and durable barnding option. The second type, rotarty engraving is the classic way , using diamond head, the machine engraves the design deep into the surface giving a much stronger, rustic effect. The laser engraving is very fast and accurate, the rotary option will give you the distintive results, but slower speed and higher cost. It’s only a matter of taste or the nature of application which technology is better.