Creative services

Remedy has been creating creatives and layouts, for different applications, also for the giftware items we produce. We experienced in many occasions, that despite the fact that we are in direct contact with our clients, we loose valuable time with waiting for the client’s creative agency to apply or adjust the chosen creative to the ordered item or branding technology, while we can perform such tasks fast and cost effective, sparing time and money for our clients.

On top of our regular staff, we work with many independent artists, with whom we were working together for years now, you can find creative agency veteran, young artists, designer form London, motion picture specialist, so there is hard to find a project we could not do. The creatives and layouts we make for our clients are using the currently available communication fields and possibilities,this way we can give you a complete, in-house service, starting from the basic design or idea, through the production, to the delivery and in-store placement. Using these services together will bring quick and cost effective results.

Graphics services:

Advertisement creatives, billboards, banners, DTP, packaging and display design

Image, brand improvement:

Complete company image, logo, name cards and stationeries, brochures, catalogs

Webdesign and development:

Websites, portals, webshops, banners, online ads


Click on the pictures to see some of our previous works: