Custom giftware

Remedy’s main profile is to design and produce unique giftware.

Custom designed giftware items, are more apparent and effective for the given product or marketing campaign, like your everyday stock gift item. Production and design for these custom items is a process, where we together with the client will create the desired promotional gift or give-away, so it will serve it’s purpose and carry the desired message about your company 100%. Let us show you this process in a few steps:

1. Demand

You contact us with an idea, or with a specified product or campaign that needs a promotional merchandise.

2. Idea

Our creative team looks at the nature of the product or service to be promoted, we look at your expectations and budget, than figure out the best options available.

3. Visual presentation

To be able to make the right choice, you will be helped by custom visuals dedicated to your campaign, which we will prepare present only in a few days.

4. Quote

We will prepare an offer for the chosen promotional product, with exact production, and shipping data, will also prepare a differentiated price by quantities if needed, with different shipping options as well, so you will be able to choose the optimal solution for your promotional need.

5. Sample

After the promotional product, price, and shipping method are chosen, we will prepare a final production plan, and prepare sample for approval.

6. Production and shipping

After you approved the final sample, we start the production, than packing and shipping, in the meantime we supply information step by step of you production, so you follow the process.

7. Shipping

The finished goods arriving to destination, we do a final QC, and if it is as ordered, we deliver the shipment to your local warehouse or given address.

8. Feedback

After the promotion is over, we ask you about your opinion and experience of the order and our service, with these you can help us to make our services and products even better for the next order.


Click on the pictures to see some of our previous works: