Printing services

Next to the standard printing, Remedy  also offers digital and large format printing services

On top of regular papers, we also print on wide range of materials like flags, textiles, banners, acryl, magnet foils, various plastics and vinyl stickers. Of course we are happy to take regular offset print orders. like catalogs, brochures, billboards, DM letters from print to post, complete in-store decorations, and many more. We welcome any inquires, combining different techniques, at a competitive price with short lead times.

Digital printing service

We offer digital printing services, with short production times, ideal for small a mid quantities, one color or full color prints. The ordered prints will be ready in time, in good quality, delivered to your given location if requested. The main advantage of the digital printing is the only technology that ensures cost effective solution, for even each print can be slightly different or personalized, at any given size or format.

Offset printing service

For bigger volumes as the optimal solution, with the best value for money, we prefer offset printing: for magazines, flyers, books, brochures, billboards etc. We are using state-of-the-art HEIDELBERG machines, with full range of additional finishing services, like covers, cutting, special coats, foils and lamination.

Large format digital printing

Remedy is offering a complete service for large format digital printing. We specialize in outdoor printed banners, offering both pvc vinyl & mesh banner materials. Our wide format printing services can pride you with banner printing to suit any requirement, from simple cheap single-use solutions, to banners for advertising using specific outdoor materials, all hand-finished to any specification you require.

UV LED printing

UV LED technology is special type of digital printing, where the ink dries without any heat, but with the help of UV light, this result instant result. With the help of layered white coats, there is the possibility to create photo quality, perfect color matching, on even colored surfaces. Even high resolutions possible, maximum is an impressive 1440×1200 dpi. Can be used on wide range of surfaces and materials like, metals, plastics, glass and wood.

3D lenticular printing

Remedy also offers lenticular printing, which is a special technique of the printing industry. We place special plastic lens or series of lens on top of the prints, with the help of these we can achieve special effects on the final prints like, animation, a few frame movie-like clip, zoom effect, morphing etc. The effect depends form the angle of the viewing. The process of creation of these special artworks, is made during a creative process where we create a motion visual of the desired design and effect. The final prints can be used with different applications, like decals, inserts, or magnets.

Displays and stands

We offer wide range of stands and displays for our prints, like L and X banners, roll ups, picture and billboard frames, or custom designed and made displays.