We have been producing lanyards for the past 10 years, in fact we were the first to manufacture and sell lanyards in the Eastern European region. Our lanyards are made by the highest standards, on the most state of the art machines, to ensure the best quality for our clients.

Lanyard types and materials:


The finest, most popular, most requested material. Perfect wear in neck, comfortable, non-irritating, solve even the most critic requests. We can maintain six direct colors, or with the tricky twist of four colors solution – thanks to the deep sublimation printing technology – we make visible even the smallest details of your graphic. We can apply two different graphics on both opposite sides of the same ribbon.



In its use and technological background, this material is very similar for the above mentioned satin, but the material itself is a bit rougher. Most requested by our clients having main target the youth of today. As an additional element, in the material has a tiny, cross running stripe from the production. Wear it in neck is not so convenient comparing to the satin.


Technically, this is similar as thriller. The difference is in the double thickness of the material. We are able to produce the spot material in 2.5 – 3 cm wide range. This allows you to create a very special kind of lace with durable accessories of a real massive look in full harmony.



Looks like a real shoelace. The basic material is like satin, but the workout is different. It is available in  1 cm wide. 100% plastic material, great durability. The application of graphic is the same sublimation deep print like satin and thriller lanyards.



This type has a more classic embroidery look, if we use this material the reverse of graphic and basic color will be visible on the opposite side of ribbon. 3 or 4 direct color design are possible.



This is the „classic premium class” lanyard with a strong wider basic material. The woven tape sewed top of this wider material. These type of laces only branded in one side. The woven tape is normally 0.5cm thinner than the base material.


Packaging Tape

This material is a very soft satin which is used for gift packaging (or bookmarks). These types of tapes are also thermo sublimated laces, with this technology we can print any layout, artwork for these materials.